Action at the Colombian Embassy

Action at the Colombian Embassy

Action at the Colombian Embassy

Action at the Colombian Embassy

Public sector demonstration in Berlin attended by GLATUC

Bernd Rissman President DGB Berlin-Brandenburg with Willie Madisha President COSATU visiting GLATUC in London

GLATUC visiting CGT Paris


President of Dublin CTU Phil McFadden visiting London 2011 (with Mick Houghton Secretary & Linda Kietz President)

Telecom workers from CCOO Madrid meeting in London

GLATUC has always carried out international work supporting workers battles across the world.

This goes back through the history of the London Trades Council, through support for the fight of the Spanish people in the 1930s against the fascist forces under General Franco backed by Hitler & Mussolini, and on back to raising money for strikes in Australia, Denmark and Dublin during the 1880s, 1890s and 1913. Before that support was organised for Garibaldi and the fight for Italian unity in the 1860s. LTC was also involved in the IWMA from its inception.

GLATUC gave major support to the Anti-Apartheid movement, the fight against the US war in Vietnam and to the struggle of Irish workers for class demands. It developed solidarity with campaigns developing out of the rich mix of communities in London – for example Turkish, Kurdish, Nigerian, Chilean, Peruvian, Bolivian, Brazilian, Iranian, Iraqi. We opposed the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Gave support to the struggle of the Palestinian people. We have supported progressive movements in many countries including Nicaragua, Venezuela, Chile, Cuba, Sri Lanka & Zimbabwe.

We have also built support for struggles of trade unionists around the world both industrial and for trade union rights, including where trade unionists are under constant physical threat as in Colombia. Part of that work is within a network of capital city trade union organisations across Europe. Those links have built and strengthened over many years. This allows solidarity action when dealing with multinationals operating in different countries or where common demands are being made. For example, we have brought Madrid telecom workers to meet telecom workers in London, Paris transport workers here, exchanges with Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rome and Dublin trade unionists. This work becomes even more important post-Brexit.

The worker of another country is my friend as the capitalist in my own or another country is my enemy.

In contact with trade unionists across London

We want to be in contact with trade unionists across London involved in struggles – struggles of women workers, black workers, young workers, retired workers, part-time or full-time, private or public sector. We want to hear from all workers in London.

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