How we work


 GLATUC, as the specific London wide pan-TU body, has fought for the interests of London workers- both at work and in the community. Affiliated to it are all the London trades councils. We give support to local borough Trades Councils and co-ordinate campaigning work for example, we led the battle to regain London wide democratic government when Thatcher abolished the GLC in 1986 until the setting up of the GLC in 2000.

We work to maintain or re-build trades councils and in recent years have helped re-build several trades councils.

The London Trades Council has been succeeded by the Greater London Association of Trades Councils as the representative trade union body for the whole of London.

Norman Willis TUC General Secretary 1985

In contact with trade unionists across London

 We want to be in contact with trade unionists across London involved in struggles – struggles of women workers, black workers, young workers, retired workers, part-time or full-time, private or public sector. We want to hear from all workers in London.

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