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Greater London’s trade union councils

Greater London has 32 boroughs. These are served by a trade union council or sometimes they operate in tandem eg Greenwich and Bexley; Merton and Sutton. At any given time there are usually a few trade union councils which are re-organising and therefore not fully operational. In such cases, GLATUC arranges a re-launch or a re-build and undertakes essential local duties on a temporary basis. The trade union councils are registered by the TUC.

London’s trade union councils send delegates to GLATUC, which is by far the biggest of the County Associations of Trade Union Councils (CATUCs) which serve most of the counties and metropolitan areas of England. Trade union councils can send motions to GLATUC.

GLATUC, as the specific London wide pan-TU body, has fought for the interests of London workers- both at work and in the community. Affiliated to it are all the London trades councils. We give support to local borough Trades Councils and co-ordinate campaigning work for example, we led the battle to regain London wide democratic government when Thatcher abolished the GLC in 1986 until the setting up of the GLC in 2000.

We work to maintain or re-build trades councils and in recent years have helped re-build several trades councils.

The London Trades Council has been succeeded by the Greater London Association of Trades Councils as the representative trade union body for the whole of London.

Norman Willis TUC General Secretary 1985

Role in the TUC Structure

We send a large delegation to the TUC Region’s quarterly regional meetings where there are other Trades Council delegates from across the Region and delegates from regional Trade Union bodies. There are at present two GLATUC members of the Regional TUC Executive.

The Regional TUC also has committees and networks which GLATUC can send 2 delegates to.

There is a TUC Annual Conference of Trades Councils (covering England & Wales) to which all registered Trades Councils and County Associations can send delegates. There is a national body which liaises between Trades Council and the TUC General Councils (the TUCJCC). The Trades Council side is made up of elected regional trades council reps – the regional rep for our region is presently Mick Houghton.

Officers and Executive Committee

President: Mary Adossides (Brent)
Vice President: Mick Gilgunn (Islington)
Secretary: Jeanette Dye (Newham)
Treasurer: Roger Sutton (Cities of London & Westminster)
Assistant Secretary: Carmen Vazquez (Hammersmith, Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea)
Women’s Officer: Jeanette Dye (Newham)
LGBT Officer: Anton Johnson (Lambeth)
Disabled Workers’ Officer: Chris Miles (Cities of London & Westminster)
BAME officer: Dil Joshi (Cities of London & Westminster)
Environmental Sustainability & Just Transition Officer: Kourosh Jannati Vazquez (Hammersmith, Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea)
GLATUC ORGANISER: Tommy Anderson (Waltham Forest)

Executive Members

Richard Alcock (Battersea & Wandsworth)
Maryam Asaria (Harrow)
Colin Clary (Bromley)
Carol Foster (Brent)
Peter Spalding (Croydon)



Rules and Standing Orders

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